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Bausch - Historia firmy, pocz±tki

Dr. Jean Bausch KG was founded in 1953 by the dentists Dr. Jean Bausch (1884 - 1966) and his son, Dr. Hans Bausch (1928 - 1998).

Supported by his father, Dr. Hans Bausch studied dentistry in Cologne, Germany after the World War II. After tireless work in his own laboratory, he succeeded in developing a unique articulating paper which marks intensively on moist surfaces. BAUSCH ARTICULATING PAPER with progressive color transfer, a revolutionary product at this time, was immediately accepted by dentists around the world.

Subsequently, micro-thin articulating papers were introduced in the 60's and ultra-thin articulating-films were added to the assortment in the 70's. To complete the full line of BAUSCH occlusion test materials, ARTI-SPOT, a liquid high spot indicator was developed in the 80's.

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